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custom font in Qt 5.7, always bold

  • Hi,
    I'm developing using Qt 5.7 in Ubuntu 16.04. I installed two fonts (Roboto-Bold and Roboto-Light) copying relative ttf files in .font folder in home and running fc-cache -fv. Everything seems fine and I can use those fonts in libreoffice for example. However in Qt Creator, designer I cannot assign light font to a label, it always take the bold one.
    If I just install the light font (don't install Roboto-Bold) I can assign it in designer, but is not what I want.
    Same issue in Ubuntu 14.04, if I install all the flavours of Roboto fonts, only the bold is assigned to labels, but If I just install bold and light, works as workaround (not in Ubuntu 16 as I mentioned).
    Any hints?

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