keyevent qml overriding

  • hello,

    i want to override the functionality of keyevents when a key is pressed.

    i am using both custom touch keypad and physical keyboard for text entering in a TextField item.
    my code:

                Keys.onPressed: {
                    if (event.key === Qt.Key_A) KbrdCntrl.charPressed("A");

    when i press key "A" using physical keyboard "AA" is displayed in TextField.
    one "A" from physical keyboard and another form the signal i am emitting "kbrdCntrl.charPressed("A")" .
    i want to disable the Physical keyboard's "A" . so that only one "A" will be displayed in TextField when i press "A" on physical keyboard.


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    @AYYAPPA hi, you'll have to accept the keyevent or other wise it wil be passed on

    event.accepted = true;

  • @J-Hilk brilliant !! thanks :)

  • @AYYAPPA if you issue is solved, please don't forget to mark your post as such. Thanks.

  • Hi,
    i have the same problem, but with tab and arrows keys. When i press tab for example, focus changes to next item. I need to override it, but i cannot find how. Letters, numbers, etc are beeing overriden fine, just navigations keys don't work.

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