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Properties not included in doc

  • Why do some classes document the properties while others do not, e.g., QPushButton and QGraphicsItem? How to find the missing properties?

  • They are probably in the base class. click "List of all members, including inherited members" at the top of the docs

  • @VRonin I tried that with QGraphicsItem and it does show the properties at the beginning of the list' however, the property "pos" was not listed. Another problem is that there is no inherits, only clue is "QT += widgets". QWidgets does list its properties and "pos" was listed. The only clue in the source code that it might inherit from QWidget was "class Q_WIDGETS_EXPORT QGraphicsItem". Does it inherit from QWidget?

  • because pos is not a property of QGraphicsItem just a normal method:

  • @VRonin OK, thanks. My confusion was in the attaq example in animation framework used the "pos" property and I just found that the class being used had QGraphicsObject as the base class and not QGraphicsItem as I had assumed. QGraphicsObject does have the "pos" property.

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