QT Device creation - wiringpi

  • Hello,

    first i started to develop whit qt but without qt device creation.
    Back then raspian was installed. I could use wiringpi easyly.

    Since i work with Flash boot to QT device aka QT device creation i cant install wiringpi.
    first i wanted to download git on the device to get the wiringpi libary. This doesnt work.
    So i copyed the needed files to the root directory.

    Then i used chmod +x
    and tryed to ./build but without sudo this doesnt work.
    So is there any description how to install wiringpi on the device?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    As a workaround, why not grab the package from raspbian and extract the library + headers that you need ?

  • WiringPi is not so great as gpio library for Raspberry Pi.
    I suggest you to use pigpio.
    Using pigpio or WiringPi you can download and compile them on your Linux i386 machine to write your program.
    In your i386 machine you haven't got gpios but you can write the program without to manage them because using a gpio is elementary.
    When your program is complete you can compile and put the libraries in a yours software subfolder.

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