[iOS] Flickable seems to have stopped working on iOS10 (even for already released apps). Just me?

  • This is a weird one has been driving me bananas recently... curious to know if anyone else has run into it or can corroborate with some additional data points.

    Basically, Flickable used to work fine on iOS10 (and previous). Not sure when things changed but now it still displays the content, but it's "stuck": it just doesn't seem to respond to touch events at all. I first noticed that in new builds it had stopped working on an older iPad which was too old to update to iOS11, while working fine on iOS11 (and every other platform I've tried). I've subsequently noticed that downloading an app off the appstore which used to work (and would never have been released if Flickable didn't flick) and was put there before iOS11 was even out shows the same issue: its Flickables flick on iOS11 but they now don't on iOS10. Really strange. Presumably Apple have changed something... but what to do about it?

    I've created a Jira issue: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-66417 (with a link to a minimal demonstrator).

  • Looks like this was a false alarm... the problem device has mysteriously started flicking again after me leaving it alone for a few days. This is despite the issue persisting across power-cycling of the device previously. Very strange.

    It occurs to me that on Macs, sometimes keyboard/mouse/screen/HW issues arise which require resetting the SMC (System Management Controller), which isn't done by a power cycle. Apparently iPads don't have an SMC but there's some sort of "soft reset" involving holding power and home buttons down simultaneously. If the issue ever recurs I'll try that.

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