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  • Hi!

    I have a common.pri configuration file that, among other things, defines the output directories.

    I would like to generate a different path for debug and release products, say .../products/debug/bin and ...products/release/bin.

    I found the CurrentBuild:Type variable, but when I can not use to use in my common.pri. I tried a simple message("CurrentBuild:Type = "%{CurrentBuild:Type}), but I got Project MESSAGE: CurrentBuild:Type = %{CurrentBuild:Type}

    So, how can I use %{CurrentBuild:Type} in my common.pri file? Or, is there another way to know the "name"/string/identifier of the mode (debug or release) it is being used?


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    @canellas Please don't post the same question in different categories. Thanks.

    That is the duplicate: https://forum.qt.io/topic/87696/currentbuild-type/1

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