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QCheckBox does not update unless mouse over it again

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    check not updated

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    @wainCam Can you please be a bit more specific about your problem?

    What did you try? What did you expect to happen? What did actually happen?

  • I have a Qt Application built with Qt Creator.
    I have check boxes on different tabs of a QTabWidget, and it has a video display window. It is keeps my computer pretty busy.

    When I click on a checkbox, the check on the checkbox takes a while to show up.
    If I quickly check the box and move by mouse away, the "check" in the box does not show up. I need to mouse over the check-box again for the check to be shown.

    I have added a stateChanged() function for the "Display_box_fit" check box. When I update the text associated with the check box, this happens right away. I can set the state of another check box and the check in this box happens right away. However, the check for the "Display_box_fit" is slow, and if I mouse away (ie out of focus for the check-box), the check is never displayed on the check box.
    No amount of repaint() calling in the "Display_box_fit_stateChanged()" function seems to fix the problem.

    I have googled the problem for far too long and have found no good solutions.
    It seems like a pretty fundamental issue.

    Is there someway to get this to work without requiring the user to re-mouse over the checkbox to see its state?

    I am using visual studio under windows with Qt5 under c++

    void on_Display_box_fit_stateChanged(){
    if (ui.Display_box_fit->isChecked()){
    ui.Display_box_fit->setText("no pushed");



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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    What version of Qt are you using ?

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    This post is deleted!

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