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bare metal kit not showing up under build and run

  • Hi,

    I am using QT Creator 4.5.0 (Community) in Windows 7 and I am attempting to connect to a bare metal device (STM32F429I-Disc). I have setup a kit (i.e., complier, debugger, etc.) in the same manner as shown in the following:

    After I setup the kit, I see no errors. However, I do not see this kit under "Build & Run" so I cannot compile/run. I think perhaps that QT Creator wants to see a "QT version." However, I have selected "None" for this as shown in the above tutorials. What do you think might be the problem? Thank you.

  • @jgonzalez34
    In tools>options>Build&Run did you add your kit by pressing "Add" button and doing as in the video?
    If no errors are displayed then, when you opened your project in edit and go to the "Project" tab (on the left below "Debug" button), did you add the kit to the project using the top left button "Add Kit"?

  • Hi. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I did press "add" for the kit under "Build &Run." I see no errors as shown below:


    By adding kit, I think you mean here, correct:


    I'm able to see it here. When I click to build, I see messages. In the "4 Complie Output," I see


    No QT version is selected though as this is a bare metal kit. Does this have something to do with needing a "FakeVim?"

    Also, I see the following message under "6 General Messages:"


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    You should not use qmake for baremetal. Use e.g. CMake, QBS instead (e.g. I use QBS).

  • Thanks! I'll give that a try then reply again with the results.

  • @jgonzalez34 Yes your problem seems to be relevant with qmake. Is your project based on qmake, cmake, make?
    Under build settings you may override the build step. See example
    make.exe -C C:\Users\Joe\Documents...\smarthome
    mingw32-make -C C:\Users\Joe\Documents...\smarthome

  • @ksiour @kuzulis Thanks again for all your help! It's very appreciated. Initially, I couldn't find the "Build Settings" (since my bare metal kit was not found under "Build & Run"). So I think the problem was that I didn't have the right type of project template. I was working from within a demo project, which was based on QtQuick. I guess that the QtQuick and the QT Widget applications are not meant for bare metal devices. Is that correct?

    But if I opened up another project template (e.g., non-QT project -- Plain C/C++ application), it would work so long as it had a CMake-based or a Qbs-based build system. Like you guys said, it doesn't work if it's based on a qmake-based build system.

    So to sum things up, it looks like only certain project templates are compatible with a bare metal device. QtQuick and QT widget applications, unfortunately, are not compatible. Also, bare metal kit projects must have a CMake-based or Qbs-based build system. Does this sound right?

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    @jgonzalez34 said in bare metal kit not showing up under build and run:

    Is that correct?

    A 'bare metal' means that will develop on a pure SoC devices (e.g. AVR, ARM, PIC and so on) which has nor Qt , nor OS (in a common case).

  • @kuzulis Great! Thanks again!

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