Where does QT VS Add-in pull those QT libraries to work with from?

  • Hi,

    I've just built my 64bit QT 4.7.3 binaries with MS VC++ 2008 Pro, on Windows 2003 Server (64bit). Binaries are in good condition so to speak =>). (dumpbin shows them x64 ).

    Yet installing the QT VS Addin 1.1.9 doesn't amount to anything, although it installs successfully.
    Added a new environment variable QTDIR pointing to the qt4.7.4. source folder (d:\qt4.7.3\src ) (with bin/lib folders under it).
    Added d:\qt4.7.3\bin folder to the PATH system variable.
    Started a VC 2008 win64 command prompt and executed the VS Addin installer from there)

    Even though the usual QT menu item doesn't show on the main menu on Visual Studio, I am able to go on starting to create a new QT library project. On the last step, visual add-in bails out by "unable to a QT build! To solve this problem specify a QT build."

    Yet QT menu item is not shown on the menu, therefore no means to specify zilch.!

    On a side note; I've installed prebuilt QT (32bit) for MSVC 2008 using the installer - and that's not what I want because I need 64bit libraries-, the problem goes away. (I've uninstalled it)

    So how do I get the addin to pull in the 64bit libraries I've built to use with the VS?

    any insight is highly sought and appreciated.

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