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N950 package deployment

  • Hi to all,

    I am not sure if this is an issue of the N950 and/or Qt-Quick 4.7.3 Harmattan. What I am experiencing is related to the package deployment when I am debugging an application.

    If I start the last installed version (working without errors) on the N950 device and close it using the common way on the device any further deployment fails until I power-off the device and power up it again (reconnecting to the desktop etc.) At this point the deployment works fine.

    Some ideas or suggestions ?

  • What's the error you get while deploying?

  • The console reports that it is impossible to install the package because the database is locked by another application. This is the classic message that occours on linux systems while you try to dpkg- more than one instance of the installer or trying to install a package that is running. Obviously none of these two things are in this case.

  • I usually use devel-su and check if any process is currently using the lockfile and kill it :)

  • Many thanks, good idea. Remain the question, why if the process we expect is correctly killed ?

    Mah ...


  • Hi again,

    I tried to find what are the processes that lock the installation but probably I search in a wrong way. Sometimes it is the dpkg process and sometimes the process is a pdkg related. But not all the time this method works. What kind of process / methods to see are you using?

    I am trying with $ps -A then $killall [process_name]

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