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How intercept background and foreground event

  • As in can i know if an app goes in background and viceversa?

    Thank you

  • bq. QEvent::ApplicationActivate The application has been made available to the user.
    QEvent::ApplicationDeactivate The application has been suspended, and is unavailable to the user.

    bq. "QEvent": QObjects receive events by having their QObject::event() function called. The function can be reimplemented in subclasses to customize event handling and add additional event types; QWidget::event() is a notable example. By default, events are dispatched to event handlers like QObject::timerEvent() and QWidget::mouseMoveEvent(). QObject::installEventFilter() allows an object to intercept events destined for another object.

    Forward these events to QML using signals.

  • O question because i've seen the use of symbianEventFilter and so...thank you.
    It works very well

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