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Qt TopTip - smooth animation

  • Qt TopTip, for smooth animation - on Windows at least:

    Don't update the titlebar of your app :-)

    I found, on Windows 7 at least, 3 different PCs, variously 32/64 bit, the following: On each titlebar update, say once a second, say with an incremented count, visual update ceases, for about 50 to 250 ms, varies. This results in glaringly visible 'snatching', in anything moving on-screen, such as an animation.

    Maybe due in part, to Windows rippling titlebar text change through to various parts of the Windows UI - including taskbar thumbnail preview title, alt-tab switcher, task manager list, and probably some other places.

    Oh, and on clicking the titlebar, visual update ceases for as long as you press, or 500 ms, whichever is the shorter. And without limit if you hold down any titlebar top-right button. Likewise while window minimised - but not an issue really as you can't see - except in taskbar preview, and the Win7 3D taskswitch. But those are well-known Windows traits I think..

    For all, code carries on running thoughout. It's just visual update, that Windows spanners..

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