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Layout spacing not working on MacOS X + cannot get rid of frame around layout

  • Hi,
    I have an application that runs shows perfectly fine in Windows. However, when built on MacOS X, the layout is broken in Qt 5.9.2 and Qt 5.9.4.

    In one instance, a horizontal layout has a spacing of 6, but all the buttons not separated by spacers are pushed one against each other,:

    The same layout in Windows shows the correct spacing:

    Also, I have another layout which contains a QLabel and a custom widget, and I can't get rid of the frame around the layout.

    Again, in Windows, this does not happen:

    The contour around the level meter + qlabel is clearly from the layout, but since a QVBoxLayout has no style, where does that frame come from???

    Again, so much for Qt being cross-platform... Even a simple GUI setup cannot be ported directly without problems it seems...

  • For some reason, if I increase the layout spacing by a factor 3, the layout matches that of Windows, so I am now doing:

    #ifdef Q_OS_MAC


    But still don't have a clue where that frame around the audio level layout comes from.

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    That does indeed look odd.
    Are win/mac running same resolution ?

  • @mrjj said in Layout spacing not working on MacOS X + cannot get rid of frame around layout:

    Are win/mac running same resolution

    Yes, they're both set to Full HD.

    Edit: I am an idiot. I forgot + didn't see that the layout was inside a QFrame which was set to StyledPanel + Raised... In Windows it is not visible under my current theme...
    OK. That's one down. Now the strange layout spacing problem...

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