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Stay Above Iphone X Home Indicator?

  • Anyone know how to stay above the home indicator on the iphone X?

    The default behavior seems to be to let the UI flow under the home notch instead of staying above it as Apple recommends.

    0_1517511682652_iphonex home indicator overlap.png

    Right now the home indicator overlaps text near the bottom of the screen as seen above and I'd like to just lift all UI elements high enough that they're not covered.

  • Hi,

    the iPhone X notch is a really troublesome little fellow. If not handled correctly, you will face such layout issues, which can even break functionality of your app.

    To properly handle the notch in your Qt mobile apps, you can see this guide by V-Play Engine:

    V-Play Engine comes with many components to make Qt-based mobile app and game development easier. The SDK can also handle the iPhone X notch so your app looks good on every device.

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