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Swipeview - Swipe done event ?

  • Hello,
    Is there a possibility to know when the swipview has done with swipping between 2 pages ?

    I now use the 'onCurrentIndexChanged' handler to load a new model to the page. I think this event is fired between changing of 2 pages. I notice a little delay in the user interface.


  • @TomMitchell
    You may connect to the change of the SwipeView contentItem.moving property :


  • Thanks for reply.
    This solution is ok when pages only need to be updated when swipping stops or when swipping slow between pages. When swipping fast through multiple pages the handler is invoked on first page and on last page.
    I would like combination of both handlers: When swipeview changes index and the currentpage is full screen shown.
    Is this possible ?

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