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modal dialog called from QAction does not close until action terminates

  • Under Qt5.9:

    A QAction A is connected to a MainWindow member function f that executes a QFileDialog D, then takes quite a while to load the selected files. Against my intentions, the file dialog remains open until f terminates. Calling D.close() does not help. Letting D go out of scope does not help.

    My best hypothesis right now is that the unexpected behavior of D in f has to do with f being called from a QAction. Is this plausible, or even a known problem?

  • Add QApplication::processEvents(QEventLoop::ExcludeUserInputEvents); after D.close()

  • QApplication::processEvents(QEventLoop::ExcludeUserInputEvents);

    has no effect, the problem persists.

    Anyway, I was wrong about QAction. The problem also persists if I directly call mainwin->f.

  • can you please show your code?

  • What helps is mainwin->repaint().

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