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Missing symbol when creating a ressource in a shared library, the `dll` case

  • Dear Qt users and developpers,
    I am trying to add a ressource in a dll.
    I am using cmake as build system, but I don't thing that this is related to the issue.
    I am adding the ressource in a shared library.

    add_library(my_library SHARED

    Later, I initialize the ressources in my main and link with the previous library. The problem is that the symbol qInitResources_TFELPlotResources is not exported, causing a link error.

    On LiNuX, I can specify that all the symbols of the files listed in the TFELPlotResources_RCC variable shall be exported (-fvisibility=default ). This works as expected.

    So on, I did not find a equivalent trick for Windows. Does anyone know how I shall proceed ?

    Best regards,

    Thomas Helfer

  • @thelfer I have found a solution. In juste created a function initRessources in my dll, as follows:

    static void TFELPlotInitRessources(){
    namespace tfel{
      namespace plot{
        void initRessources(){
        } // end of initRessources
      } // end of namespace plot
    } // end of namespace tfel

    Note that the Q_INIT_RESOURCE(TFELPlotResources) must be in a function in the global namespace for reasons that I did not investiguate. I now have full control on the visibility of the ìnitRessoures function.
    I hope that this can be helpfull to other Qt users.
    Best regards,
    Thomas Helfer

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