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  • I have a custom 3 template arg type I nede to use in QVariant but cannot find Q_DECLARE_METATYPE_TEMPLATE_3ARG !
    How I am suppose to handle such types with two or more args !?

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    Can you show the code for your use case ?

    By the way, which version of Qt are you using ?

  • OK. disregard, in the end it was NOT needed. But what if I want a custom templated type with more than 2 arguments to be recognized by QVariant : e.g.
    template<typename A, typename B, typename ...C>

    can I just use Q_DECLARE_METATYPE to make it visible to the moc

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    @pip010 said in Q_DECLARE_METATYPE_TEMPLATE_3ARG missing:

    template<typename A, typename B, typename ...C>

    This is not a class, it's a template for a class. Before you fully specialize that template, there's nothing really to serialize/deserialize. The macro you mention is for internal use (I strongly suspect), to enable serialization of vector/lists and maps/hashes. Anyway, you should use Q_DECLARE_METATYPE.

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