Can I use QAxBase under linux?

  • I want to control MS office files(word, excel, ppt...) under linux.
    Under MS Windows, I can use QAxBase, but I can't find ActiveQt folder after installed Qt under Linux.
    How can I do that?

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    @Young.Sin I don't think this is possible. There is no ActiveX on Linux, so how would you use it? And you cannot use MS Office on Linux. Maybe you can using Wine, but then simply build your Qt app for Windows and use it with Wine as well.

  • @Young.Sin said in Can I use QAxBase under linux?:

    I want to control MS office files(word, excel, ppt...) under linux.

    "Control" them in what way?

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    @JonB Oh, now I see what @Young-Sin probably is asking :-)
    I did not notice "files" in "I want to control MS office files".
    I guess he does not want to control office itself but change/edit office files.
    Maybe LibreOffice/OpenOffice would be a solution?

  • @jsulm
    Maybe, or maybe he wants put them under version control... ! ;-)

    From Python, we do some DocX stuff to create/update .docx files, using a Python python_docx library, which works too under Linux. But it's very limited compared to the full set of stuff you can do via Windows Automation/ActiveX libraries. That does not exist outside Windows. And getting into full LibreOffice/OpenOffice API looked scary.

    So depends what you want to achieve. But if it's the full panoply of Word/Excel facilities, or you have existing Windows Office Automation code you're trying to work from, I think you'll have little joy from Linux....

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