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I made custom Qt minimalistic x64 MinGW-w64 build for Windows

  • You may wanna check it out. :) Any constructive opinions welcomed.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Thanks for the repo.

    Two things you have to watch out for:

    • Static linking -> there are licensing constraints that you have to abide to when doing a static build. See the LGPL for more details. I'd recommend rather giving instructions on how to do the static build rather than providing one like that especially since you seem to have OpenSSL and D-Bus linked.
    • OpenSSL -> there are pitfalls depending on the countries regarding cryptographically enabled applications/libraries, hence Qt dlopen's OpenSSL so every developer can use it doing the proper choice on the matter.

  • @SGaist Added MSVC/LTCG-enabled builds too.

    I think AFAIK, that static linking-related discussion and LGPL controversies only matter when compilling close-source application.

    This was discussed in several places and if you allow users to have build reproducible (repo contains build scripts), then you do not violate with LGPL.

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    That's one of the main use of the LGPL version of Qt: closed source applications. So it does matter a lot.

    As I wrote before, users of closed source LGPL applications need to be able to use a different version of Qt so the developer has to provide the means to do it and it's not just about reproducing the Qt build that was used. You have to provide all the object files for your application.

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