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GUI for Monochrome pixel display

  • Hi, can I create GUI applications using Qt for the following device,
    (Display : Monochrome 128 x 64 pixel Graphic FSTN LCD )

    OS: Linux 2.6
    1.1 Processor ARM9 32-bit core CPU @400 MHz
    1.2 Memory RAM: 128MB
    Flash: 256MB
    1.3 Display 128 x 64 pixel Graphic FSTN LCD with Icons backlight

    Is it possible to create menu, button, text box, combo box using Qt for above device?

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    It should be possible, yes, depending on how much RAM is consumed by the OS.

    This is quite a special case, you may consider getting in touch with Qt Company and getting Qt Lite from them (it's part of commercial offering) - Qt Lite makes it easier to trim down Qt so that it fits even the smallest devices.

    The Open Source version can do it, too, of course (source code is exactly the same), but you'll have to sort out the gory details yourself.

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