Sortorder Linux vs. Windows

  • Hello everyone!

    How does it come that if I sort my QStandardItemModel in Windows I get different results in Linux?

    For example Windows sorts my model like this:
    A, a, B, b,
    and Linux sorts like this:
    A, B, a, b,

    I use exactly the same code. Do I have to change something in Qt or Linux set some locale or change a parameter? Thats how i setup my Model:

    m_model->sort(0, Qt::AscendingOrder);

    Thanks in advance!

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    Are you using the same version of Qt on both platforms ?

  • Yes on linux and Windows I use Qt5.92

    On Linux the application is running on a small arm buildroot Linux. Is there maybe some locale missing in linux?

  • @nx7z
    Perhaps it's just me, but you seem to be calling the sort() before the setFilterCaseSensitivity(Qt::CaseInsensitive); & setSortLocaleAware(true);. Is this truly the code you are using for the result you are showing?

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