App crashes after changing window size

  • Hi everyone.
    I face with very strange bug. On some PCs when I try to resize, minimize or maximize window application crashes. It could be reproduced with 5.7.
    Callstack shows me error in Qt5Guid!QOpenGLFunctions::glClear [qtbase\src\gui\opengl\qopenglfunctions.h]
    application on startup puts to console C++ exception, flags=0x1 (execution cannot be continued) (first chance) in dlumd9!SetDxHelperAppMode
    Could you please help me to fix it?
    Thank you

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    What graphic hardware are used on these machines ?
    Version of the driver ?

    Also note that 5.7 is outdated, you should consider updating to the current LTS which is Qt 5.9.4 or even 5.10

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