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Is there a reason why QSignalSpy doesn't support the new style of writing signals?

  • I'm using Qt 5.4 though looking at the documentation of 5.10 it seems things haven't changed namely for a given QObject * (let's call it obj) with a given signal (let's call it Obj::signalFoo(bool))

    QSignalSpy objS = new QSignalSpy(obj, SIGNAL(signalFoo(bool)));

    is possible however

    QSignalSpy objS = new QSignalSpy(obj, Obj::signalFoo(bool));

    is not.

    Is there any particular reason why the new style (the second one) is not available here?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @Red-Baron In Qt 5.10 it should work, see:
    Did you try with Qt 5.10?

  • You know what...I did such a silly mistake. I forgot the & in front of the class' name and no wonder it didn't work. facepalm I totally missed the second overriding of the QSignalSpy constructor and a big thank you for pointing that out. It clearly states: This function was introduced in 5.4. It also made me notice the mistake I've made in my own code.

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