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Cross compiling QtSerialBus for raspberry pi 3 complains that QtSerialPort is not available

  • Hi,

    I am cross compiling qt 5.10 for my raspberry pi 3. Everything want more or less well (with a lot of perseverance), but I have a last issue with the last module I would like to build: QtSerialBus. At the compilation, there is the following error:
    "Some of the required modules (qtHaveModule(serialport)) are not available."

    I have built Qt with the following command:

    configure.bat -release -platform win32-g++ -xplatform linux-arm-gnueabihf-g++ -release -opensource -confirm-license -sysroot C:/dev/tools/SysGCC/raspberry/arm-linux-gnueabihf/sysroot -prefix /usr/local/qt5 -device-option CROSS_COMPILE=C:/dev/tools/SysGCC/raspberry/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf- -no-gui -no-widgets -no-opengl -nomake tests -nomake examples -no-use-gold-linker

    make install

    Then, I have build the QtSerialModule and QtRemoteObjects module following those steps:

    1. make a subdirectory in the build folder with the name of the module and go within
    2. Call qmake.exe /path/to/Qt_sources/qtXXX
    3. Run make install

    Everything went well for those two modules. I tried to do the same for QtSerialBus, without success.
    What did I miss ? How can I make the link with the previous build of the module QtSerialPort ?

    Thank you in advance for your help.


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Are you sure you are invoking the correct version of qmake.exe ?

  • Yes. I retried by calling explicitly qmake.exe from my cross compilation build for qtserialport and qtserialbus, and it produces the same result.

    How does the build process determine that I have or not the required module ? Is it looking into the path ? Is it looking into leftover build artifact of qtserialport ?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    When you build a Qt module, the dependencies are listed in the QT += lines. This will trigger an inclusion of the corresponding pri files that you can find in the mkspecs/modules.

  • Thank you SGaist.

    I look at the big output of the qmake -d. It seems to browse a few directories to find the pri files of the modules, but never the good ones. After further investigation, I found that the function from qt_config.prf looks also in the QMAKEMODULES environment variable to configure the list of folders where to find the modules. After configuring this variable to my *.pri folder in qt installation path of the sysroot folder, the module qtserialport was found !

    I think I will create a bug on the qt bug tracker. I really do not see what I miss to have that bug in my configuration of the qt build.

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