Portable Qt Installation: Can't select "Android build SKD"

  • Hello,

    I've installed Qt 4.9.1 on a portable SSD drive. I'm using the "subst" command to assign a fixed drive letter. A batch file copies user data (AppData/Local/QtProject, AppData/Roaming/QtProject, Appdata/Roaming/Qt) from the SSD to the user dir and back. SDKs and NDKs are also on the SSD.

    It seems to work fine on any machine that had previously had SDKs installed via SDK manager (although these SDKs are already deleted). On any other machine I can't choose the "Android build SDK" under project settings. That's the error you'd normally get when Qt and build tool versions aren't compatible.

    Do you know about any changes the SDK Manager makes - outside of the SDK root folder - when setting up the SDKs for QT? I've tried editing the ANDROID_HOME variable, tools and build tools path, but it did not seem to work.

    I'm not a native speaker so please excuse any mistakes. If anything is unclear just ask. I'd appreciate any answer.

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