QtDBus error only on some raspberries

  • Hi all,
    I hope to explain this error well.
    I develop a mqtt application that simply converts messages from/to dbus and send/receive to the mqtt broker.
    I'm using mosquitto as mqtt library that starts a thread to listen for incoming messages from the broker; so I simply emit a signal in the mosquitto callback called when a mqtt message arrive. This signal is relayed to dbus using a QtDbuAbstractAdaptor.

    This application runs on Raspbian Jessie with Qt 5.7 crosscompiled.

    The problem is that on the raspberry that I use for development the application runs well, but on others, with exactly same image of development one, it gave me this error:

    QtDBus: cannot relay signals from parent QObject(0x1547228 "") unless they are emitted in the object's thread QThread(0x153dff8 ""). Current thread is QThread(0x74c02ba8 "").
    *** Error in `./mqtt': munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0x7efec618 ***

    I think the problem is caused by the receiver thread that emit a signal, but I'm not sure. But the real question is: why this problem comes only on some raspberries. Any ideas of what can I do?
    Thanks in advanced

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    Are you sure that these RaspberryPis are using the same software stack as yours ?

  • I think yes, the images are exactly the same.
    I checked only libraries linked to the application: mosquitto and qt are same version.

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    Then check also the DBus installation.

  • @SGaist you're right: I forgot to update dbus installation on the release image.
    Now all works well!
    Thank you so much.

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