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[TBD][Moved] Qt Development Network and JIRA

  • Hello All,

    My suggestion goes to a somewhat obvious/known issue. I am a developer, I sometimes help people when I can, and also sometimes/rarely report bugs and suggestions. However, as strange is it might seem, the user accounts for JIRA and the Developer network are not unique. I have seen some videos from Alexandra telling that this is difficult and stuff.

    Well, I believe this merge is important, and also that the way it is, things are a bit cumbersome to use. But, since the Developer Network is still beta, I believe this merge is already planned, so is there a schedule for this to happen?

    I also would like to suggest a profile merging tool, for those with one account at JIRA and other at the Developer network. This way migration can be made according to the expectations of the end-user, controlling the details to merge and stuff. It could be used to facilitate the migration, using them for migration tests, duplication removal, etc... The Developer Network/Jira environment could also search for similar emails and send profile merging requests to the user, directing them to the merging tool.

    Another thing, even though "JIRA is a established tool" it seems too slow, at least now, so some changes regarding that would be cool too.

    Well that's pretty much it,

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    Moved to the Beta Testing forum.

  • This suggestion already exists ( "QTQAINFRA-203":( ) and was rejected. For more info, I hope Alexandra or marius could post some info?

    There were event more topics in this area:


  • It was mainly rejected because it was misreported. The report was made for Gerrit (the test server system thingy for open governance), but it is entirely unrelated and therefore declared out of scope. If filed correctly as devnet issue, who knows what might happen?

  • Wow
    I just found yet another bug report: "QTWEBSITE-156":

    I propose that all interested in that start voting in that bug report in order to make it done! Fast...
    But here is the thing, what bug report?

    Thanks again,

  • Well, Marius himself opened that last bug-report, but still, you can use the brute force approach, vote for all of them.

  • Thanks VitorAMJ, we have looked at account integration with and in part made the OpenID feature to possibly cover this and other systems that we one day want to link up with. doesn't support OpenID today - but JIRA (the software) has this capability. However due to how we use JIRA internally this was not done, I'm not sure on the details.

    Our resources and time is scarce. Linking accounts with JIRA would require much of both. Consider that the team behind Qt devnet is quite small. Our only real web developer is Gurudutt that you see here in the Beta Forum. Others are hired on demand. We keep up the pace of development by adhering to the KISS principle as if our lives were at stake. Always asking; how can we make the most developers the most happy with the time and space we have available.

    And then there is the issue with moving targets. The Qt developers are prone to reevaluate their tools (a good thing I guess) from time to time - and we could have wasted 2 months on nothing. We almost ended up in this unfortunate position with another service about a year ago. Even though I am fairly certain JIRA will be with us for years to come I want the Qt Open Governance project to settle in stone before committing to what would be a major project for us. I'm twice shy now.

    We would love to award points and badges for actions in JIRA, this is part of our wet dream. So we're all on-board with the idea. Reality just has a way of getting in the way, for now!

    That was full disclosure :)

  • bq. mariusg wrote:
    I’m twice shy now.

    Thanks for your fast response, there is no need to say that! These problems are common everywhere.

    I will leave some motivation note to get that done...
    The Developer Network and JIRA add value
    At least to me the Developer Network has proven to a very useful tool and also a cool site. The biggest thing I see is that Developer Network in fact stimulates/encourages people to help each other, and Qt, even though Qt somewhat has an owner. Like people contributing to documentation, wiki pages, BUGs, suggestions, etc make it all valuable to Nokia/Qt/Users. I know programmers prefer to think core code as value and not supporting tools, but this is not the case. The people I know that use Qt, use it not because it's awesome/cool/everywhere only ( :-) ), the thing they value the most is the amazing support gadgets/docs/etc.

    I see people like Eddy/mlong/Andre/Volker/Gerolf and others involved in the DN, well these guys certainly add value too! That is why I have just voted on that bug report you created to get some priority changes if possible.

    Let's hope reality gives us a break, ;-)
    Thanks again for your time,

  • Thanks for the kind words VitorAMJ! Our mission is to make developers lives easier and if we fail to do that you have to let us know asap. :)

    We have some things on the roadmap that I hope will make the devent even more useful. And there is no shortage of ideas either, we have no less than 74 items in the backlog, most of them feature requests.

    This place is only as good as the people that stay here - and they are awesome. :)

  • Awesomity (even more so than awesomeness) is our main goal ;)

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