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On-Screen Keyboard, QDateTimeEdit, QLineEdit

  • Hello,

    I am working with an on-screen keyboard widget for our embedded app. I have switched it over to use the KeyEvent system, but I have some issues I need worked out involving the QDateTimeEdit (or QDateEdit or QTimeEdit) and QLineEdit:

    1. If a block of text is highlighted, the key character is placed after the cursor position but the highlighted text block is kept.
    2. With QDateTimeEdit, the selected section does not update properly. Highlighting the number and typing '1' normally displays just a '1,' but with the on-screen keyboard, the number either changes to "00" or "01" and the number is then highlighted.

    I have a feeling some property is lost (such as selected text block) when focus is switched to and from a control. Is there a way to prevent the focus from changing when a key is pressed on the on-screen keyboard? If I set the keyboard and all buttons to "Qt::NoFocus" the focus still lost from the target text widget.

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