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Single Sign On Support

  • Sorry if I am asking the question incorrectly as I need to understand what is SSO better.
    Up until recently, I had a desktop application which would connect to Jira using the REST protocols (QNetworkRequest) using the basic auth with just the username and password.
    Now the users have included Kerberos plugin for Jira and have a Single Sign-On support for their Jira instance.
    So the basic authentication fails and currently we cannot connect to Jira at all.
    Is there something I need to do to enable it from my product or is it some settings from the user's end. I am currently lost and not sure how to proceed.

    Do I need to include some additional library to handle Single Sign-On or in particular work with handling SAML?

    QNetworkRequest request = QNetworkRequest(QUrl(url));
    	if (!username.isEmpty() && !password.isEmpty())
    		QString concatenated = username + ":" + password;
    		QByteArray data = concatenated.toUtf8().toBase64();
    		QString headerData = "Basic " + data;
    		request.setRawHeader("Authorization", headerData.toUtf8());
    	if (!contentType.isEmpty())
    		request.setHeader(QNetworkRequest::ContentTypeHeader, QVariant(contentType));
    	return request;

    Any help or direction is appreciated. If I need to provide something more to help you all understand what I am trying please let me know.

  • @vivian it looks like you need to ask the administrator of Jira implementing the Kerberos plugin for SSO what you are required to do from now on. On one side, there are several plugins for Jira (EasySSO, Kantenga, IWAAC, etc.) and on the other side, using Kerberos authentication should involve at least 2 network connections: one to the authentication server where the client proves its identity, and then using the provided ticket on the server actually implementing the desired service the client wants to use (in your case, Jira).

  • I am going to try and get hold of it. Thanks for the information @Pablo-J-Rogina
    I am still unclear about what changes I need to do from my end.

    Found this link: to help me a little.

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