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How to insert a progress bar before a dialog is displayed?

  • I was troubled by the progress bar recently.
    Because one of my dialog has a long opening time, I want to insert a progress bar during the waiting period to show the progress of the dialog opening.
    How should I do it? Thanks for all advice!

    for(int i=1;i<=100;i++)

  • Hi,

    Add the progressbar to the widget , make the widget background transparent, before showing up dialog.
    Show the progressbar before the dialog is shown.
    Once the dialog is shown, hide the progressbar.


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    @Qt_crazyer From design/usability point of view it would be better if the dialog itself would handle this. It should show a progress bar as long as it is busy and then the normal content.

  • @jsulm ,

    meaning using only one dialog to both the contents, progressbar and actual information, using progressbar make it indicating till actual information needs to be displayed in the same dialog.


  • Hi,

    @Qt_crazyer ,

    Inherit from QDialog, ur own class, add progressbar , then update the progressbar untill u get the value or the corresponding information in dialog, then make progressbar visible false.

    Before getting the value :


    After getting the value :


    the output is sample one, u can replace with the info (value 21) which u required.
    the window dialog(progressbar) opens on click of button, here it is just a sample program.


  • @Qt_crazyer just in case there's a QProgressDialog class that you can even combine with QFutureWatcher class to monitor the progress of a long-running operationlike this example does.

  • @Pradeep-Kumar
    It's really a good way to do it. Thank you.

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