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Different ways to play video

  • Hi,

    Can someone link some example (in c++ if possible) to play videos other than using QMediaplayer? Can I use QPixmap to play video frame by frame as well as add gaze points to video frame? I have some gaze points which i want to add onto video. Open cv takes time processing the video, so I was hoping to find a solution where I can add gaze points to each frame during the play back itself.


  • There are a lot of libraries that can help you with that, such as libvlc, mplayer and mpv. Perhaps you can look up for how to use their library and link on Qt.

    But as you are looking (I guess) for using computer vision or some sort of it, I think that you have to stick with OpenCV as it's made for that.

    You have too say what you are trying to accomplish here so we can help you.

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