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Wierd behavior of the title bar after exiting from full screen mode on MAC

  • Hi folks,

    This is MAC specific issue. I am using Qt Creator 4.4 with Qt 5.6 in my project. I cannot create a minimal sample build as it is part of very big project. I am facing this particular issue which I guess many of them have faced it earlier. My application is running in background as an agent. I have a particular window which is a QWindow based. When this window is set to full-screen mode, the menu bar remains on top of this window. This issue is faced by many users. As a workaround for this issue, while entering in fullscreen mode, I change the flag of the window as

    currentFlags = flags();

    This piece of code removed the menubar and I could achieve full screen for that window. When it comes out from fullscreen mode, I reset the flags to the original one.


    Second time setting popup is required to produce the titlebar. Strange but true. With this I get back my window in normal state. But when I click anywhere on the titlebar of the window, it triggers close event. It is very wiered. Only first time it triggers close event.

    Did anybody face such issue earlier? Experts kindly give some pointers to proceed. All suggestions welcomed.

    Thanks in advance

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    For that kind of behaviour, you have to provide a minimal compilable example as it's not possible to reproduce it with only your description as complete as it is. It might be something in your application that does this or you may have found an issue with Qt.

    I'd recommend also testing with a more recent version of Qt. The current LTS is the 5.9 series while the current Qt version is 5.10.

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