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Is it posible to compile a Client X Qt app to run in Window?

  • Hello everybody.

    I have a Qt application target for Linux but is executed remotely, with ssh -X.
    Now, the target OS is Windows.

    Is it posible recompile app for Windows target but display on a remote X Server.


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    When using ssh you are usually executing the application on the remote machine with forwarding the X session back to the caller machine.

    So you don't need to build your application for Windows. However you need to have an X server on your Windows machine like xming.

  • Yes. But remote is a Windows Machine.
    I explain myself better.
    If I compile a Qt application on a Windows machine (Qt for Windows) I get a Qt Windows Native Application.
    If I compile the same source code on a Linux machine, I get a Qt Linux Native (usually client X) application.
    The question is :

    is it posible generate a Qt Windows Native Client X Application?

    So, when I will login from my Local machine (usually Linux) to the Remote Windows machine with ssh -X and execute the application (on Windows remote machine), the application can show the display on my local X Server (Linux) machine)

    Thanks in advanced.

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    Since there is no default xserver on windows, i dont think its possible.
    without some new form of QPA
    (that knows the actual xserver you would be using)

    With a windows server, its possible to serve one application to a remote desktop

  • @mrjj Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, I agree that qpa can be a solution but it sound that it should be done yet.

    From Xming X server you can execute X clients on Windows and show the display on Windows or Linux. I suppose that it is posible build a X client with MinGW-w64

    If this is true, why we can't build a Qt Windows as X client Application ? It sound that should be possible, but I don't know how.

    Best regards.

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    Yes the reverse is pretty easy.
    I use
    It can even run linux executable in WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) meaning you can run an native linux app on windows.
    But I have not seen any SDK or x server client libs that would allow to run and forward GDI windows apps.

    We simply miss the a windows version of Xlib to link to.
    Im sure one could get something running with cygwin + mingw but that would not be a normal windows app and require cygwin to run.

    Maybe there is some way for a native X server windows app but its not one i cant find or see currently.

    Lets see if others have other ideas :)

  • Hi
    This thread ask the same question. It seems possible but nobody knows.

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