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[Moved] How to display in an editor the result of encryption

  • I'm using qca to encrypt data by doing as follows: SecureArray pubkey.encrypt result = (arg, QCA:: EME_PKCS1_OAEP);

    What I want is to display result in an editor to use the result of encryption in an application by making a copy paste into a text box

    How could it?

  • Put the data into a QByteArray and use QByteArray::toHexRepresentation() to convert it to a string.

  • Is that function new in 4.8? I don' t see it in the 4.7 docs. There is a toHex though, and that one can in turn be fed to QString::fromAscii to yield a valid string.

  • toHex() is what I meant. It's perfectly useful as hex is only ascii characters anyway.

  • I'm using this
    QString rstr = QCA::arrayToHex(result.toByteArray());

    But when I want I use this string in my application, when I use my secret key to decrypte this string, the decryption failed.

    I do this to construct the securrArray whitch I passe to my methode for decryption:
    @QCA::SecureArray messageCrypte(clefSaisie.toStdString().c_str())@

  • Round-trip (as I would expect it):
    @QCA::SecureArray result = messageCrypte(dataToEncrypt);

    QString rstr = QString::fromAscii(result.toByteArray().toHex());
    // rstr contains hex representation of the encrypted data

    QCA::SecureArray decrypted = messageCrypte(QByteArray::fromHex(rstr.toAscii()));

    // decrypted == dataToEncrypt@

  • Moved to the General forum, as it's not a tools issue.

  • It work thank you

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