How can I create a GoogleTest project in Linux Qt Creator?

  • In my Windows version of Qt Creator, I can create an Autotest project and then select GoogleTest.
    However, when I try the same thing on Ubuntu, there is no option for Autotest - only Other/QTest.
    I am really new to Linux and to Qt Creator, (it's all been forced upon me), and GoogleTets is our company standard unit testing tool, so I need to use it.
    My target device is a display running Linux, and the display manufacturer provided me with a VirtualBox VM running 32-bit Ubuntu with Qt Creator 3.3.0 with Qt 5.4.0 as the development tool.
    How can I add the Autottest project option? Is it possible?

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    Are you using same version of Creator on both linux and windows?

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    Hi @Digger, I'm pretty sure the project is the same on both platforms, so maybe you can use the Windows one in Linux also?!

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    @mrjj Most likely the Creator for the embedded system is too old... could be updated probably, but I would not recommend this for a beginner.

  • @aha_1980 Thanks. I'll give it a try. If it doesn't work, I haven't lost anything.

  • @aha_1980 Thanks. I was beginning to think the same thing.
    I've cloned my VM so that I can experiment with an upgrade to a more recent version.

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