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  • Hello,

    I hope this is the correct forum for my question, or please help me find the place to ask. I have worked with Qt 3 in the very past in my work, I liked it a lot, but since I've been working mainly with the Java platform the last 7 years I have not been using it in work. Since I like Qt very much I have always kept up to date in private. No I have been asked to hold a tech talk and I would really like to raise awareness about the Qt platform. I need to create some power points. I have some trouble finding on the Qt documentation high level discussion about Qt ( specially with nice images that I can use in my power points ). Can anyone please help find this documentation or even better if someone could give me some power points that I could use or use in part?

    Greetings, Tim Mickelson

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    The Qt Studios youtube channel might give you some ideas.

    @tekojo do you have some material that @mickelson could use ?

  • Thank you for your quick answer, I will take a look. I'm putting together a power-point so the best would be a power-point or some documentation so I can get images and of course the documentation so I get my facts clear.

  • Hi @mickelson
    One good source is the release blog post series. Start from here
    and take a look at the separate posts about detailed topics in there.

    The Meet Qt webinars, that come out around release time, always have a nice presentation on the current state and new features of Qt. The next one is tomorrow:
    If you can still catch that, it is definitely worth a listen.

    I was looking, but we don't have the latest Meet Qt slide decks out in public. You can find some old ones with Google, so you can see how we usually present the platform.

    The Qt World Summit YouTube video of Lars might also have some good spots

    Those are the things that come to mind quickly for a general overview.
    If you have something specific in mind, I can dig around a bit and see what can be shared.

  • I'm trying to find specially images, to include in power point, qt on wikipedia in Swedish e.g. has a nice image for an overhead of transcompiling and so ( missing QML ) on the youtube clips it's complicated to get an image. I will take a look in the webinars in the weekend ( thank you @tekojo ).

    Also in general I'm having problems finding documentation high level about Qt. I will for sure resolve this, but any help would be very nice. I hope I'm explaining well my problem.

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    @mickelson said in Qt Presentation:

    I'm having problems finding documentation high level about Qt.

    Could you give some examples of "high level" documentation that you'd like? This might be a good place to start:

    Here are the major GUI-building technologies within Qt:

    • Qt Widgets: The original technology for cross-platform desktop GUIs, since Qt 1 days. Still supported and widely-used today.
    • Graphics View Framework: Built on top of Widget technology. A framework for interactive 2D graphics with lots and lots of objects (sprites).
    • Qt Quick: A framework for mobile-style GUIs, using the declarative QML language.
      • In Qt 4, this was built on top of the Graphics View Framework
      • In Qt 5, this was completely re-written from scratch and independent from the Graphics View Framework. Now uses hardware graphics acceleration.
    • Qt 3D: As its name implies, a framework for 3D apps. Integrates tightly with Qt Quick.

    Of course, Qt is far more than a GUI toolkit. Which aspects of Qt would you like to highlight in your presentation? Here's a overview of Qt modules, based on Qt 5.4: (I need to update it for Qt 5.10 though; there have been lots of new things since 5.4)

    Finally, it might be worth talking about Qt Creator. It has been well-received as a general C++ IDE, even for those who aren't using Qt itself.

  • @mickelson I'll send you a private message.

  • @JKSH Thanks for your suggestions, with "high level" I mean a presentation of the Qt framework in total. I will be putting down a slide show so any kind of images to present and of course facts from official documentation is welcome. I have a very good basic knowledge of Qt, but it is one thing to know how to get your hands dirty and another to actually present and answer questions.

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