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QT GUI question

  • I'm very new to QT so please bear with me. In the examples that QT gives there is a project called terminal which basically sets up the serial port. I would like my main GUI window (mainwindow.cpp) that I created to call this project by importing the files and treat it as a second (main) window when I choose a Qfile tag under my main GUI. I'm having problems due to the fact that the file terminal is itself a main window (which I would like to keep as opposed to a QT widget) I'm not sure how to call the file terminal (main window) in my mainwindow.cpp. Looking for some help on this.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Nothing forbids you to have several QMainWindow derived class in your project although it's unusual.

    As for the naming, you should choose another name for your own main window class.

  • Thank you could you give me a snippet of code one would use in the mainwindow.cpp to call another mainwindow piece of code. I learn by example.

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    Forget the fact that they are both QMainWindow based class, use it like any other widget.

    The Qt Documentation is full of examples.

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