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Use mplayer engine to show live video

  • I need to show a video stream (h264 1080p30 noaudio mpegts/udp) in a QML Page. I tried QtAV (based upon ffmpeg) and it works but has a HUGE latency - about 1 second!

    Using mplayer from command line (mplayer -nosound -framedrop -benchmark udp:// I achieve a very low latency that is suitable for my application.

    The final goal is:

    • show the live video stream on a fullscreen QML Page
    • draw some elements on the top of the video (like an overlay)
    • record the whole stuff (video + overlay) to a video file

    do you have any advice on how to achieve that?
    I don't have to use mplayer at all costs, but I really need a low latency (< 100 ms) for display the video. Of course the recording might be delayed.

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