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The Button ID of mouse during MouseMove

  • Hi,

    I got a multi-touch screen which reports first touch point as BTN_LFET and second as BTN_EXTRA.
    For touch point position, ABS_X, ABX_Y is for the position of first point and ABS_RX, ABS_RY is for the position of second point.

    For now, I modified qmouse_linuxinput.cpp for using this device, and I convert QMouseEvent into Qtouchevent
    in my application.

    My question is when I get the QEvent::MouseMove event, the button always returns zero (QT's document confirms it)
    So I can't know the move position is for which finger touch point.

    How can I modify kernel of QT to return the button ID during mouse moving?
    Or there is a better way to get button ID during mouse moving?

    Sorry for my English and thanks for your kindly reply :)

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