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How to increase software performance

  • Hello!!

    I have an application that follows this scheme:


    The indicators section contains different labels that show the application states.
    The image section contains a QGraphicsView that shows live images from a camera.
    The buttons section contains different buttons and sliders.

    I have a problem with this application. When the application starts, it works perfectly, the buttons reaction is fast but, after a while, the application slows down and the button reaction became slowly.

    Is there a way to know if my application events are slowing down the performance, any "Task administrator" of Qt or something like this?

    Thank you very much!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @ivanicy Sounds like your app is leaking resources like memory. You can use Valgrind to check your app for memory leaks. Also check the CPU usage while your app is running.

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