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A Working Example Of QT Location?

  • Team;

    QT Location is kicking my butt.
    I am very new to QT. VERY New. But I am looking to build a blazing fast desktop map application.
    On my road to achieving this is ... a map. Anyone have a solid explanation of how to get just a basic map up for now?

    I am so lost in the world of GDAL / Mapnik / QT Location.
    Just curious how I can get a firm start.

    Thanks for looking!


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi @ShylerC, welcome!

    so have you already had a look at the examples?

  • aha,

    Yes I launched the Google Earth QML Example. I didn't know if there were any other guru's around that I could ask for information. I can stick with the QT example - with the webkit launcher - Thanks for your feedback!

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