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[Moved] QT: normal VS project file to build?

  • I'm using QT (4.7.3) and I'd like to make normal VS solution/project files, build it, and step through the code with debugger to learn the code while reading tutorial...

    Instead I have that yet another make qmake which supposed to be able to generate vs solution/project files but it seems that all it generates is some junk empty project files.

    Here's what I did (from QT command promt): cd c:\qt\4.7.3\examples\tutorial qmake -t vcsubdirs qmake -t vcapp qmake -tp vc

    but all of them generate random junk or errors...

    I assume that I can also generate such solution for entire QT (from c:\qt\4.7.3) to build it from source...

    What's the proper way to do it? It has tight integration with VS (designer, add-in etc) it just doesn't make sense that there is no normal solutions/project files there.

    Did I do something wrong, or VS is kind of unsupported build platform? :)

    also, is it possible to generate regular VS project/solution to build QT itself, please say it's possible... :)

  • Hello friend,

    If you did not find anything in your search in the forum, check this post:
    "Getting Started":

  • I would recommend to install the "visual studio addin": and import the .pro file. It will create a new VS project.

  • Of course, if you need further assistance, its just ask!

  • One thing has not been mentioned so far. Typically people forget to start the command prompt from visual studio's menu entry "Tools". This is setting up the environment conform to do compilation with visual studio.
    Furthmore, I can only emphasize Volker's advice to use the vsaddin. However, you need a licensed version of visual studio. To my knowledge the express versions do not allow to import the addin.

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