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Best approach in sequense of tasks for QML app?

  • I wanted to ask for an advice on how to make it so that certain processes in the application where executed step by step.

    For example:

    • while SplashScreen is displayed I want geolocation code to check for users location (takes several seconds)
    • as soon as the coordinates available - to forward them to reversegeocode service for obtaining the location city
    • continue to load the application content based on city location.

    Right now problem is - the code seems to be firing off alltogether at once...
    would be good to hear best practicies re the above, maybe ready examples?

    TY in advance

  • Have you tried looking into using states?

  • Hmm. frankly speaking was not considering the states. I used them for "screens" but a good point...

    I will try a few approaches with states actually - thanks for the tip

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