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Qt For Android development process encountered problems

  • When configuring Qt For Android with QML and extended QML types, the compilation is normal, but the execution encountered the following error:

    W/ qrc:/qml/Welcome.qml:1 ((null)): qrc:/qml/Welcome.qml:1:1: plugin cannot be loaded for module "QtQuick": Cannot load library /data/data/org.Audio.Advanced/qt-reserved-files/qml/QtQuick.2/ (dlopen failed: invalid flags to dlopen: 1001)
    I/ActivityManager( 1406): Killing 29573:org.Audio.Advanced/u0a456 (adj 0): stop org.Audio.Advanced
    D/ActivityManager( 1406): cleanUpApplicationRecord -- 29573
    I/FloatWindowManagerService(13382): get died is : 29573 ; id is : 10456
    D/NailDaemonService( 2443): process died pid : 29573 mVivoNailPid: -1
    D/ScreenBrightnessModeRestore( 1406): onProcessDiedInner, pid = 29573 , mCurrentForceGroundPid = 11131 mAppName: org.Audio.Advanced mWaitToRestore=false
    W/ActivityManager( 1406): Spurious death for ProcessRecord{265b332 0:org.Audio.Advanced/u0a456}, curProc for 29573: null
    W/InputMethodManagerService( 1406): Got RemoteException sending setActive(false) notification to pid 29573 uid 10456

    At the time of deployment, there are the following warnings:

    Warning: QML import could not be resolved in any of the import paths: AudioAnalysis.Charts

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