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    I have no idea what happened but it just stopped working! Maybe because I've updated QT recently?

    Now the application crashes when I call QSqlTableModel select() method. I'm getting the following:

    The inferior stopped because it received a signal from the operating system.
    Signal name: SIGSEGV
    Signal meaning: Segmentation fault

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    @rudag I guess it crashes here?


    As you can see you're dereferencing several pointers here. If one of them is invalid your app will crash with SIGSEGV. Does your combo box have a model? Does ui->comboBox point to a valid combo box instance? What does

    qDebug() << ui->comboBox->model();


  • @rudag
    If you're using ((QSqlTableModel*)ui->comboBox->model()), don't! Always use object_cast (or whatever it is) from Qt, and check the return result for NULL. There are so many posts here which fall foul of this....

  • @jsulm
    Yes and yes. It outputs: QSqlTableModel(0x20926780)

    I tried as you said:

    QSqlTableModel *mod = qobject_cast<QSqlTableModel *>(ui->comboBox->model());

    And it's still crashing. I can call other methods like mod->tableName() and it works normal. I guess the problem is with the select() method. Using it is the only way I found to reload the combobox model. Is there any other way?

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    @rudag said in Update combobox data:

    QSqlTableModel *mod = qobject_cast<QSqlTableModel *>(ui->comboBox->model());

    You forgot to check the pointer.

  • @jsulm
    The pointer is poiting correctly. Problem is with the method select().

    I'm trying to do this in another way now without using relation models.

    mapper->addMapping(ui->comboBox, model->fieldIndex("category"));
    void MainWindow::loadCategories()
        QSqlQuery q;
        int i = 1;
        q.exec("SELECT id, name FROM categories");
            ui->comboBox->insertItem(i++, q.value(1).toString(), q.value(0).toString());

    My problem now is that it's not mapping the combobox data (insertItem() third argument). Am I missing something?

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    Can you show the stack trace of your crash ?

    If the combo box is read-only, you might also want to consider a QSqlQueryModel.

  • @SGaist
    Eureka! It's working with QSqlQueryModel. I'm using setQuery() instead of select() and it's refreshing perfectly.

    By the way, QSqlQueryModel has no fieldIndex() method. Is there any similar method so I don't have to put the index static?

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    You can get the QSqlRecord for your query and then use it to get what you want.

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