No relation with Qt but need help to update few rows in SQLITE when delete one row

  • Hello, I know that is not really QT question but here many people have good knowledge, then I ask here.

    I'm using qt with locale storage and I would like to have my column total-time updated if I delete one row by the time_use column.
    I explain:
    Date , time_use, total_time
    when I add row, the total_time is previous total_time + new time_use
    Then when I delete one row
    I want to have total_time of each upper rows - time_use deleted.
    thank you for your help

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    if db.driver()->hasFeature(QSqlDriver::EventNotifications) returns true (as it should) then you can create a trigger in the database so then you can use QSqlDriver::subscribeToNotification and the QSqlDriver::notification signal to recalculate the total column

  • @VRonin
    I know nothing about SQLite/"local storage", but by the time one is writing a trigger can't that do the recalculation and update of other rows without needing to to pass "notifications" to Qt client code to do that work?

  • thanks VRonin,

    I don't understand anything about your suggestion but thank you very much for your time for me.

    I'm using qml + js to work with SQLite, not cpp.

    kind regards

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    As suggested by @JonB you don't need to do anything in C++, QML or js. Just open your database using a program like and execute the SQL query:
    (mytable is the name of your table, blablabla is a select that calculates the cumulative sum and depends on the structure of mytable. Just google "sqlite cumulative sum")

    UPDATE mytable SET total_time= blablabla

  • @JonB

    Very good observation. Triggers seem to be under utilized in SQLite. This would actually be a preferred way to update summary calculations. Imagine if you were doing this across a server. The back-and-forth traffic would be so inefficient. I have used triggers for years in SQLite without incident. I even use them for housekeeping modifications to tables.

    Views are another great tool to coalesce data from relation tables for display.

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