QCustomPlot how to addData

  • Hello again!

    I'm having trouble with the following code:

    void MainWindow::graphSelected(QStringList _graphingData) {
        QList<QStringList> list;
        QList<double> data;
        foreach (const QString &s, _graphingData) {
            const QStringList parts = s.split(",");
            Q_ASSERT(parts.size() >= 3);
        QVector<double> y = QVector<double>::fromList(data);
        if (Debug) {
        qDebug() << list;
        qDebug() << data;
        int j = data.size();
        QVector<double> x[j];
        for (int i=0; i<j; i++) {
        customPlot->graph(0)->addData(x, y);  // <- error "no matching function for call to 'QCPGraph::addData(QVector<double> [j], QVector<double>&)'
        customPlot->graph(0)->addData(x, y);
        customPlot->xAxis->setLabel("x - time");
        customPlot->yAxis->setLabel("y - value");

    My understanding is that addData is supposed to take (QVector<T>, QVector<T>). I've spent hours trying to solve this - different data types, different ways of calling it (->setData...), with no luck, so I'm asking for help (again).


  • Hi @MScottM,

    The problem, I suspect, is this line:

    QVector<double> x[j];

    Here you have an array of j vectors of 0 doubles each.

    Instead, do something like:

    QVector<double> x(j);

    Which gives a single vector of j doubles.


  • Once again @Paul-Colby, that did the trick! That and changing x[i]<<i; back to x[i]=i; I knew it was some kind of rookie mistake.

    It seems to be plotting now, but instead of putting the data on the QWidget that I promoted to a QCustomPlot, it is squishing it up in the corner of my main window...


    Have you or anyone seen this behavior, or I could take this to the QCustomPlot support forum...?

    Thanks again for putting me on the right track!

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Are you sure that is the promoted one ?
    From code you say
    for a promoted its normally

    It seems more like one you NEW and not assign to a layout.

  • Aha! That was it @mrjj. In my MainWindow setup I had: ui->customPlot = new QCustomPlot(this); I probably put it in there while following some tutorial or other on QCustomPlot.


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