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Any tips to resolve Qt5.9.3 lag hitching choppiness ?

  • First off I appreciate Qt helping out the open source people. Now, there is something glitching going on I'm trying to track down :)

    I just updated my Windows 8.1Pro x64 box to 5.9.3, loaded up Qt 3D: Simple C++ Example to test the install which worked with a caveat. The render was pausing very briefly about twice a second. I tried several other examples with different technology eg, the controls gallery with the same hitching going on. I updated my Linux Mint 18.2 x64 kernel 4.8.x, same thing. Ensured drivers for my intel nvidia optimus video were updated. Tried just the Intel and just nVidia outputs, all the same. Tried a different machine with Win10 Pro x64, same thing. Ensured the cpu cores are all powered, no C6 shenanigans doing micro-halts. Changed cpu priorities and scheduling - zilch.

    So is this some sort of Qt buried render update timer heartbeat, eg. such as many GUI engines have to update or provide idle awareness ? What can I do to get rid of the hitches ? I rather render everything at a slow rate as long as it is consistent all the time because this semi-random halting is like catching something out of the corner of your eye - completely distracting and I can't show an app like this to people it looks unprofessional as is.

    Any tips are appreciated !

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