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Icons are visible in resource editor, but invisible in app

  • I have some .pngs im using as icons made from photoshop, i can see the icon in the resource editor

    alt text

    But when i compile the app, and try to look at it in-app its invisible.

    the .qrc file is compiled with rcc, and is included in my app, as every other icon i have works fine. There is an entry in the qrc.cpp file for each icon, obviously i dont know if its correct or not as its all just data. There has been no other changes to these files that would make them any different than the other .pngs im using. The files arent corrupted or anything, and can be viewed in every other editor.

    I do notice that in the built in resource selector from QT Designer, the icons are invisible in my resource file, but when viewing the resource file itself in creator it is fine

    In resource selector :
    alt text

    in resource editor:
    alt text

  • @SolaVitae
    Do you mean inside project when you open in project navigator?? I didn't get your question..

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    Aren't you missing the :/ at the start of the path to your resources's icons ?

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